Friday, 22 August 2014

Audience Theorists

At AS we have already looked at Stuart Hall with regard to Audience and his notes should now be copied and in your exam folder from your AS blog. If not do so now. 

Task: Explore David Gauntlett and Blumler and Katz in terms of audience. How do their theories relate to your music video. 
Differentiated Task:
See me to borrow resources to explore the concept of 'Moral Panics' as this applies well to music videos as well as many of them push the boundaries of acceptability.


·       Jeremy Tunstall – primary, secondary, tertiary audience engagement

·       Blumler and Katz – uses and gratifications theory

·       Katz and Larzasfeld – two Step Flowtheoty

·       Adorno – passive consumption, hypodermic model (Frankfurt School)

·       David Gauntlett – producer as consumer (Prosumer)

·       Stuart Hall – audience positioning and dominant, negotiated, oppositional readings

·       Stanley Cohen – moral panics

·       Martin Barker – challenging moral panics

·       George Gerbner – cultivation theory

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