Friday, 22 August 2014

Forms and Conventions of Music Videos

Task 1: Goodwin is an important theorist to learn about. Note down the seven conventions of music video in your blog if you haven't done so already, this could go in a post called 'Forms and Conventions of Music Videos'.

Task 2: Summarise the information written above in a post called 'The different Elements of Music Videos'

Task 3: Having read the article above which outlines the conventions of music videos according to Goodwin, select a music video from the genre you intend to use and fill in this sheet. Obviously you will need to alter the template accordingly as you have yet to make your video. Call this post  'Analysis of promos according to Goodwin'. 
We shall also be looking at the theorist Vernallis shorty (ignore the Vernallis template for now).

Print off and add to Section A: Question 1a of your exam folder
This post can also be use to support the evaluation question on conventions

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