Friday, 22 August 2014

Ideas for Targeting Your Own Audience for Feedback

Print off and add to Section A: Question 1b of your exam folder. 
This post applies to the evaluation question on audience

Scan using a reader on your phone!
Be Inventive about how you get feedback at each and every stage from your target audience both for the ancillary texts and the main task (music video). As some suggestions, you could:

1.Create a QR code to allow for more interactivity between the fans and the band, and to utilise increasingly popular smartphone technology. This could then be placed on the normal desktop website, as well as on our album cover so fans who purchase it can get more than just the CD. Fans can simply download a barcode reader for their smartphone and scan the code, instantly taking them to a link of our choice.
To do this use a website called kimtag, a QR code generator which allows you to add your own links and profile information so that the mobile site your QR code leads to is personalised.
2. Create a band face book page, twitter, tumblr – see exemplar blog for music videos -

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