Friday, 22 August 2014

My Pre-Production Work

Task: Create all of the following Pre-production work:
  1. Treatment (see below for exemplar) - Get Feedback From Your Audience
  2. Animatic of storyboard (moderator has specified this rather than storyboards) - Get Feedback From your audience
  3. Shot list
  4. Schedule (when shooting, what required in the way of props and equipment for each day of filming)
  5. Location Recce
  6. Summary of your star - age, look, costume worn, audience to appeal to, background story of artist etc
  7. Risk assessment.
  8. Prop and costume list
  9. Equipment list
Put the names of those that completed each of these tasks on the top of each document so you can be graded for the work you do. No names on any documents means no grades for anyone. Put each document in a different post. 

From QEG 'A' grade Student 
"Narrative:  The scene begins with a shot of a paint bucket being put down with the name/logo of our band on the front, the shot then zooms out slightly to show feet walking away, wearing high heels. We then cut to a shot of a radio being put down on a table and pressing play, which is when the music starts. There will then be shots of us painting the walls of the house and possibly lip syncing along. A man enters in a suit and sits down reading the paper, perhaps with a cup of tea. He minds his own business until he glances over and does a double take, notices that the girls are quite dressed up and acting quite suggestively (or so he thinks). Stylistically the shots from his POV will be soft focus, focus pulls- creating a dream like, fantasy quality- playing on the idea of a male fantasy. He begins to be a bit hypnotised by the band and goes to touch them, but as he reaches out, he gets a shock and turns his hand over to see red paint dripping down- he is literally caught red handed. In his confusion and fluster he dirties his clothes and the more excited he gets the more paint appears on him. The band circles him and begins tugging at his clothing, he notices how messy he looks and begins to take it off, spurred by the flirtatiousness of the band. Eventually he ends up in just his pants and socks, and the band cheekily run off with his clothes (he is still oblivious at this point). The girls have left the door open and a painter/decorator (manly, gruff, builder type) walks in, sees the man and looks confused. Through this we are subverting the idea of ‘stripper’ objectifying the man instead."

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