Friday, 22 August 2014

Lighting and Camera Workshop

Task: Discuss 3 point lighting and rule of thirds. Which students will need extra resources concerning lights?

As with any moving image text, how the camera is used and how the images are sequenced has a significant impact on meaning. Camera movement, angle and shot distance all need to be analysed. Camera movement may accompany movement of performers (walking, dancing etc) but it may also be used to create a more dynamic feel to stage performance, for instance by constantly circling the band as they perform on stage. The close up camera shot predominates, as in most TV, partly because of the size of the screen and partly because of the desire to create a sense of intimacy for the viewer. It also emphasises hlf of the commodity on sale – the artist, and particularly the voice. John Stewart of the mucic video production company Oil Factory said, that he sees the music video as essentially having the aesthetics of the TV commercial, with lots of close ups and lighting to focus on the star’s face (aka the product for some commercials).

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