Friday, 22 August 2014

Genre and Sub Genres

Task 1: Create a spider diagram of all the genres of music you can think of. Extend the diagram to show the sub genres of these. Each genre would have its own specific conventions. Pick three genres you are interested in and note down the conventions for each e.g in R&B videos a convention (often called a 'Distinction' as well) is for the artists to be surrounded by desirable women and for wealth to be idealised.

"It is important to note with pop music that genre as a concept, needs to be applied differently to
music videos than to, say, film or television programmes. Whereas genres such as sci-fi or thriller
are found across different media forms (film/ TV/ radio drama…), it is rare for a music video to use
genre in this way (except, perhaps, as an intertextual device, such as REM’s use of the Western in
the video for ‘Man on the Moon’). However, an alternative and more useful way of considering genre
is to look at musical genres. Andrew Goodwin’s theory that there are conventions that exist within
music videos according to musical genre (performances in rock videos; choreography in pop) is a
useful way of understanding your video."

Print off the post you create on this and add to Section A: Question 1b of your exam folder. Also print off the resource below which will be helpful in answering Section A: Question 1b

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