Friday, 22 August 2014

Editing Exercise

Task: Practicing using editing skills - using either the footage provided or a music video of your own choice - re-edit the video to a completely different sound track. The soundtrack MUST come from a copyright free site.

“EDITING TIP - Use the waveform picture in your editing application to align the visuals with the music.
A nice trick I have used to edit a music video efficiently is to place all the selected clips on the timeline, one above the other on stacked video tracks. They must all be in their correct positions relative to the song, i.e. they must all be synchronized – except, of course, for the cutaways (shots of other things), which can be placed wherever you like.

To cut from one shot to another, you simply use the razor tool and delete all clips above the one you want. In this way you cut the video without having to drag and drop clips, because that step was taken care of when you synchronized your selected clips with the song. In this way you are effectively switching view from one angle to another, a bit like real-time editing of TV shows. This technique is not applicable to movies, but works very nicely when editing music videos.” From media edu site.

Read this helpful article before you edit. Markers are essential for marking where in a music track you want to cut to.
Creating Markers in Premiere Pro 

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