Friday, 22 August 2014

Conventions of the DIGIPAK Form

Print off and add to Section A: Question 1a of your exam folder. 
This post will help you with the evaluation question on the conventions of your products
Task 1: Create a post analysing the conventions of a digipak
Task 2: Create a post analysing the conventions of a magazine advert for a digipak. Discuss how these posts will inform your own work.
TIP - Read through the next post after this one as there is some really helpful information on conventions in it. 

1) What is a DIGIPAK and how is it similar/different to an album cover? 

Digipacks are a type of CD packaging, that can flip open like a book, or it can have three parts, so that one portion of the packaging opens to the right and one to the left, with the CD in the center portion. It differs from an album cover as it usually includes bonus digital features such as videos or interviews of the artist and it gives the option to fit more than one CD. 

2) What does a DIGIPAK net look like and how many faces are usual?

Each digipak can be made differently by changing the net to alter how many faces it has. Usually a Digipak would contain from 4-8 panels, depending on how much content the artist would wish to include within their Digipak.

3) What do we usually find on the various faces of a DIGIPAK? 

Typically you would expect to find the name and photos of the artist throughout the faces on the DIGIPAK, as well as a list of songs that are in the album. And the depending on the type of artist, it could contain things like images that relate to their branding, a lyric book, a written interview with the artist, exclusive photos or possibly a commentary about the album creating a connection between them and the fans.

4) Does there need to be a connection between the faces of a DIGIPAK? 

There must be a strong connection running through each face of the digipak as it is important to emphasise a brand or a theme within the artists work.

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