Friday, 22 August 2014

Representation – Theorists

Interesting writers on representation and identity include Richard Dyer, Angela McRobbie and David Gauntlett.

Task: Summarise these articles and source information on Angela McRobbie

Print off and add to Section A: Question 1b of your exam folder. 
Other theorsits concerning Representation are:

  • Angela McRobbie – post feminist icon theory
  • Laura Mulvey – male gaze/female gaze
  • Stuart Hall – dominant, oppositional and negotiated readings of representation (we covered at AS)
  • Richard Dyer – stereotypes legitimize inequality
  • Levi-Strauss – binary oppositions and subordinate groups (see dyer)
  • David Buckingham – representation and fragmented identity
  • David Gauntlett – “identity is complicated, everyone’s got one” (pluralism but within a hegemonic framework)
  • Baudrillard – hyper realism
  • Tajfel and Turner – intergroup discrimination and stereotyping (also useful for youth and collective identity)
  • Andy Medhurst – stereotyping is shorthand for identification
  • Tessa Perkins – stereotyping has elements of truth
  • Judith Butler – queer theory (referenced a lot at A Level so good to look at)

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