Friday, 22 August 2014

The History of Music Videos

Task: Create your own timeline of the history of music videos. Write more extensively about the key moments in time. Important items to include in the timeline would be:

The Invention of the gramophone
The first film with sound
MGM musicals
Elvis Presley
The first ever UK music TV programme ‘Ready Steady Go’
Top of the Pops
Queen: Bohemian Rapsody
The launch of MTV
Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’
MTV Europe
Madonna’s ‘Vogue’ by the influential director David Fincher
REM with ‘Everybody Hurts’, directed by Jake Scott, wins best director award
Fatboy Slim with ‘Praise You’ wins best director award for the influential Spike Jonze
EMAP (music magazine publisher) launches 4 music channels – more channels follow (BskyB, Channel U, The Vault and Chart Show FM, Classic FM and nine channels from Viacom who developed MTV and Zee music. .
This amount of channels created fragmentation resulting in MTV getting sponsorship to launch their own programmes. 

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