Friday, 22 August 2014

Genre ('Music Video Styles')

Print off and add to Section A: Question 1b of your exam folder.

While some music videos transcend genres, others can be more easily categorised. Some, but not all, music channels concentrate on particular music genres. If you watch these channels then over a period of time, you will be able to identify a range of distinct features which characterise the videos of different genres. These features might be reflected in types of mise en scene, themes performance, camera and editing styles. If one were to summarise these different styles one could say they can be broken down into the following three styles:
       Concept based 
     Task: Please change the heading I originally gave you for this post of ‘Genre’ to ‘Music Video Styles’. Then write up a post on the basis of the links below, but use your own music videos to illustrate the different styles. Categorise each of these styles into performance, narrative or concept based as these are the three main categories of music videos (subheadings stating performance/narrative and concept based would help).


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