Friday, 22 August 2014

Letter to Record Label

Task: Embed a copy of the letter you will be writing to the record label. It would be advisable to do this on the headed paper from school so it looks more official 

Dear Copyright Holder,
I am an A level student and I am writing to request your permission to use one track from the latest album by ‘Jimmy Eat World’ entitled “Chase This Light”.
The track I wish to use is “Let It Happen”, track 2 ob the Album. With your permission this track would be used in my current A-Level Media Project, this involves creating a Music Video for a popular music track as well as producing an Album and Magazine Advert for the “Artist”.
If I received your permission this track would be viewed only by the rest of the Media Class, my teacher and the OCR exam board, it would not be released to a large audience and would not be uploaded to any public video websites.
The Artist and your Company would of course be fully recognised throughout pre-production and the final video itself. A copyright notice, with wording supplied by you can be included in the records of the project. If this is required, please send full details.

Name + Surname

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