Friday, 22 August 2014

What Music Means To Me

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How Do You Consume Music?
Do you have a daily music routine? 
Is some music more suitable at a certain time of day than another?
Where do you go to listen to music? clubs, bedroom, gigs, car?
Who with? Do you share your music or is it an individual experience?
What format? Radio, computer, ipod, tv, live, dancing, homework, getting ready ie doing other things - background wallpaper.
Why? What are the pleasures associated with music consumption? What does it offer the audience and what needs does it gratify? Has the way you listen to music changed over time and if so how?

Write down the favorite lyrics and say why. 

Possible reasons for listening to music:
  • escapism
  • create mood - romance, melancholy, upbeat
  • cheer you up
  • get you in the mood to go out
  • add atmosphere to a gathering
  • help you sleep
  • distraction
  • companionship - driving, traveling
  • shared experiences, social
Influences On Your Music Consumption
Friends, being part of the crowd
Parents, siblings, cousins
Easily accessible music
Music packaged to appeal to kids - NOW CDs, TOTP

This changes as you get older
Lyrics become more important
Develop own tastes - more independent
Either become broader more open minded or more specialist
will take more risks with music
more global
prepared to try out the unfamiliar

How Is This Work Relevant To Your Project?
Understanding audiences is crucial and this can be done by understanding how you consume music.
For your music video it is crucial you understand who your audience is and so how to target them,
recognising their needs and tailoring your productions to them.
Awareness of the role of constructing an identity, visuals and persona - this is appealing and needs to connect with the audience.
Recognition that the audience needs to connect emotionally with your video/song is key to creating a good media product - humour, pathos, shock value etc

Task: Pick 3 tracks that mean something to you and embed them via soundcloud. Choose tracks that are in some way are a reflection on your life and briefly discuss this. One track should be from your childhood, one from your early teens and one that means a lot to you today. The purpose of this task is to get you to think about the significance of music personally, culturally and socially for your target audience. Also discuss how you listened to this music – record, CD, radio, MTV and whether you bought a copy and if so in what format. Consider all the information above when writing this post - if you want to extend this post into two posts feel free.

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