Friday, 22 August 2014


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The examiner's report
“For music video, permission should be sought from the artist for use of the audio track.’ Where this rule was breached, centres either didn’t comment on the use of found material, or acknowledged its use but did not reflect it in the marks allocated. In these cases significant adjustments were made to construction marks which potentially jeopardised the order of merit in a centre, thereby affecting the outcomes for those candidates who had followed the requirements of the Specification; such a situation may also result in all work being returned to the centre for remarking.”

Really Important Information on Considering Your Sound Track
In many ways using unfamiliar material is easier than tracks that you know well. Make sure you change the name of the artists and band so they become your own. Make sure if the band are well known you alter the theme and style of the band so the concept becomes your own. We are not after creating replicas, but your own ideas and styles. Don’t borrow material from other music videos or copy. You could try shooting a local band or writing to production companies asking if there were any bands after videos to be made but not yet signed by their label. Your final music video should be no shorter than two and a half minutes and no longer than three. Any deviation from this will cause a loss of marks. If you are looking for unsigned bands then go to or

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