Friday, 22 August 2014

Star Marketing

Task 1: Define star marketing and why it is important. Create a moodboard of images and annotations using ICT to describe how you will market your star. Then create a timeline for your star outlining their history of work and their images/fashion/style that have accompanied this. Use the worksheet on the previous post to be sure you have covered all aspects concerning your star. This timeline will affect how you brand your digipak and magazine  look at the following link and do something similar when exploring your artist. Select one of his songs – embed the video and discuss it in terms of popularity, audience, genre, style used, date released, what album from, lyrics, most famous part to video, who directed it and who choreographed it, why it is so well acclaimed. Is it used in films and commercials? Think about intertextuality – who/what influenced the video – use screen shots. In turn – has any other artist been influenced by the artist you are analysing? If so how? Use screen shots. What is the video’s USP (unique selling point)

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