Friday, 22 August 2014

Genre Theorists

 Print out your post when done and put in your exam folder Section A Q:1b
Genre Theorists

Task 1: Summarise what each of the theorists below state about genre and then select three theories which you think will be most relevant to making your music video and easiest for you to refer to in the exam (Section A Q:1b on 'Genre'). Expand your writing on the three you have selected. Use the link above to get you going and the first powerpoint below. Make sure you use ICT, but that the information is easily transferable to your exam folder.

Task 2: Look at the last powerpoint on this post and create your own post called 'Genres Change Over Time'. Use my powerpoint to create a more condensed version. 

  • John Fiske – genre as ‘convenience’ for producers and audiences
  • Henry Jenkins – genre constantly ‘breaks rules’ e.g. evolving hybridization
  • John Hartley – genre is interpreted culturally
  • Daniel Chandler – genre is too restricting
  • Steve Neale – genre as repetition and difference
  • David Buckingham – genre in constant process of negotiation and change
  • Jason Mittell – industry uses genre commercially
  • Barry Keith Grant - on sub genres
  • Rick Altman – genre offers audiences a ‘set of pleasures’

 We have already met the theorist Warren Buckland regarding genre during your AS coursework where we learnt that:
"Genres are not static but evolve. Therefore, their common attributes change over time. Most films are hybrid genres, since they possess the common attributes of more than one genre."Warren Buckland

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