Friday, 22 August 2014

My Audience

This post applies to the evaluation question on audience
Teenagers are particularly prolific users of this technology and the main consumers of music videos.

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Nationality: British

Hobbies: Listening to music, surfing the internet (especially social networking), watching tv, reading magazines.

Music taste: Pop/rock, glam rock, alternative, indie

"On the whole, our target audience would be aged 16-24, leaning towards females. This is because The XYZs are an all female band, with a strong sense of girl power in their debut single. The band may also target males as well, as the band members are all fairly attractive, and act quite flirty in the video. The core audience's nationality would be British as the band members are all British, and are signed to a British label. The songs are also sung in English, so secondary audiences would be English speaking countries, for example America and Canada.

Our target audience would be keen listeners of music, ones who always look for the freshest music around; either from watching music channels or finding out on the internet. The core audience would prefer genres such as pop/rock and glam rock as this is the type of genre that the song Stripper would fit under, and may also be fans of a few girlbands already. They would also be keen users of the internet and social networking, meaning that the label and band can directly contact them and inform them on everything they need to know, for example single release dates or tour dates.

Finally, the perfect audience member would also buy music legally, whether that be by buying a physical copy or downloading, so that the band and label can become successful and gain huge profits!"

Task: This is a blog from a student clearly outlining who her target audience are. In your groups, thinking about all the areas of representation and with the help from the work above, create your own post that clearly identifies your own audience.This post will have a major impact on your answer to the evaluation question on audience and Section A:Q1b on Audience so spend a good deal of concentration on this.

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