Friday, 22 August 2014

Definition of a Music Video

Task: Write down the definition of a music video and add the quote below from Goodwin (a theorist we shall often be referring to).

A music video is a short moving image product that is shot for the express purpose of accompanying a pre-existing music track. This is done to encourage sales of the music in another media format. 
Hence Goodwin’s quote:

"Music video is not primarily a commodity form but a promotional one."

Andrew Goodwin 1992

It could be argued that music videos are also:

·    1. Part of the construction of the image of a particular band or performer (part of the    
         process of constructing stardom).
2. A creative artefact of interest in itself.   
     3. The raison d’etre for music channel videos.
     4. Marketing for other media products, for example film.    

     Pop music deals with popular culture - it forms the way people dress, talk, how they wear their hair, and, possibly, other behaviour such as violence and drug use. It is the expression of the here and now, it’s how artists feel about current affairs and issues, and as such can be used as a cultural measure to describe the times: the protest songs of the 1960s, the punk of the late 1970s, hip hop today. When advertisers or movie producers want to create nostalgia for a specific place or era, they immediately go to a pop soundtrack. Popular music can be the essence of the zeitgeist, especially when it is created and performed by artists who have strong political feelings. It can radicalise and empower the youth — and can also be blamed for "the problem with young people nowadays". Pop music has caused numerous moral panics during the past few decades.



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