Friday, 22 August 2014

Practical Exercise in Lip Sync

Task 1: In your groups of four select a song you know well and enjoy and get one of your members to learn the lyrics off by heart. Film them mimicing the lyrics and play the track for them to sing along to (so he track can also be heard on camera). Make sure the performance is believable and the lips in sync with the track. Now edit your piece and put on your blog as a practice run. Note down what you think you did well and what you will improve on. You have 2 lessons ONLY allocated to this task so use your time wisely.

Task 2: Create a post called 'Exploring Music' and add SoundCLoud or links to tracks that interest you and state why? What genre are they from? How does this work with the ideas you are having for your own music video? Note down the lyrics - how can this inspire your idea?What do the lyrics signify to you?

Media Terminology -  Scratch track is the music track recorded at the time of filming to help with the edit. It is essential to have a scratch track when you film.

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