Friday, 22 August 2014

Music Institutions

By the mid 1980’s MTV owned by Viacom (a major media conglomerate, but one without interest in record companies), had diversified with the establishment of the more album orientated channel, VH1, for the older audience. Viacom was responsible for the shift away from the narrow rock video market, towards a wider range of music genres, eventually including rap and indie. It also succeeded in bringing MTV to the major cities, where it had not been previously available, and developing more conventional scheduling. 

Task 1: Using ICT, research into Music Institutions and create a post under this name.
Task 2: Which Music Institution will represent your Music Video? Create a post called 'My Music Video's Institution'

Print off and add to Section A: Question 1a of your exam folder in relation to the convetions of real products (you'd alsways see the logo and record label name/distribution company on the digipak/poster. 
This post will help you with the evaluation question on the conventions of your products

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